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Starts October 3, 2020

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Here's What You'll Learn!

Learn the business plan essentials that I guarantee will help you grow your audience and get funding (grants, banks or private investments) that will allow you to grow your business in any market. This course and every exercise are for beginners and pivot-ready entrepreneurs.

  • Create a business plan from scratch that you'll go back to over and over to guide your business growth..

  • Create the perfect Executive Summary write-up for your Business Plan.

  • Develop thorough Product and or Service descriptions that are ready for any pivot.

  • Create and understand your ideal Customer and Market Analysis.

  • Know and understand your Competition and how to perfectly grow/pivot in your market.

  • Create the perfect Go-to Market Strategy that you actually feel confident executing,

  • Create the team and understand how the team can take your business to the next level (meaning a start-up or an established business).

  • Create Financials that you understand, with an easy way to forecast and pivot your financial statements and understand any ratio analysis.

  • (Bonus Content): Create the perfect Start-up/Pitch Deck Presentation.

Meet Your Instructor


Jackie Palmer

Hey! I'm Jackie. I handle all strategy and development at the Goodlife Agency. I love being able to share ideas and help implement strategies for growth. I feel so blessed to be able to share this gift with my clients every single day. Based out of Detroit, MI, I’ve been helping clients grow for over ten years now. It’s crazy to think this all started as a pop-up festival in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to showcase the talents, drive and dedication of a few of my friends. After graduating from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA , I worked on Wall Street in New York City. I soon found my calling by working with government agencies in New York City to grow campaign initiatives for people of color. From helping clients win over $10M in cash and private investor pitches to traveling with Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary Hillary Clinton, Senator Kamala Harris, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and leading the March For Our Lives Tour in 2018, this has been an adventure. I couldn’t be more thankful with where this business is today and am happy to see you are checking us out! Take your time checking us out and get to know what we’re really good at.

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Let's create an unforgettable business plan from scratch that will land your business the funding it needs with the loyal audience to match.